Laser cut keyTechnological advances have created a new type of key known as laser cut keys also known as a sidewinder key.

Instead of having grooves cut in the top or bottom edge of the key, the groove is cut into the side of the key making them much harder to duplicate. a laser cut key requires special equipment to reproduce and makes picking lock far more difficult.

A lot of laser cut keys are made for vehicles and include a transponder, chip and or keyless entry remote. Damaging or losing one of these keys can be costly to replace especially if you go to a car dealership.

That’s why you should call Amboy Locksmith. We provide the following services for laser cut keys at rates far cheaper than the typical car dealer.

  • We will replace your lost or broken key fob. We can program your new keyless entry device, install a new battery, or cut your laser or conventional keys
  • Transponder Keys – sends and receives electronic signal to the engine – we have the special equipment needed to program these
  • Proximity or Smart Keys – able to start your car or truck by having the device in your pocket, with the touch of a button
  • Laser or Internal Cut Keys – slightly thicker than a regular key and instead of notches like a conventional key, they have a winding slit running up the center of them, usually on both sides and able to be inserted either way
  • Conventional or Regular Keys – traditional keys with notches
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