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It seem like every year there is a new outbreak that we need to protect yourselves from and this year is no exception. The past couple of years, the West Nile virus was one of the biggest concerns. This year it is the Zika virus.

When Zika was first reported, it was originally believe that it would only effect tropical areas. Unfortunately, that is not the case and Zika has spread all over the world. So much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on February 1st ,2016.

If you haven’t hear yet or don’t know about the Zika virus, BuzzFeed has provided us with information about it in a brief video. It is something we should all be aware of in order to make sure we take appropriate precautions to protect ourselves.

To learn more about the Zika virus, we’ve made BuzzFeed’s video titled “Everything You Need To Know About Zika Virus in 148 Seconds” available for viewing right here.

Zika Virus – Precautions You Can Take

Now that the weather has started improving, many of us are opening windows and doors to let in some fresh air. Some of us will enjoy the screened in outdoor patio. If you are like me and enjoy a nice breeze flowing through the house, then now is the time to inspect all of your window screens, door screens and outdoor house/patio screens.

Damage in one or any of your screens leaves you home susceptible to disease carrying insects.

Pet owners, especially people who have pets that like to climb or jump on screen doors, are at greater risk. If you have a pet, you should have pet screen installed. Pet screen is made specifically for pet owners because they are more resistant to damage and tears caused by your pets.

By replacing or repairing your window screensscreen doors and the screening on outdoor patios, you add comfort and safety to your home by keeping the bugs out. The best part of all this is that, at 1 cent per square inch, it is one of the least expensive solutions to repairing window screens, door screen and outdoor house or patio screening.

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